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Our Apply in Italy Concierge Service is the Ultimate White Glove Citizenship Experience

Ditch the paperwork, skip the home hunt, leave the language barrier behind, and say goodbye to appointment stress! Instead, embrace our Concierge service.

Going through the Jure Sanguinis process in Italy can be overwhelming, but with our Concierge service, your journey becomes a smooth and enriching experience.

Here's how we simplify your path to Italian citizenship:

Ready-to-Go Comune: We connect you with a welcoming comune pre-approved for your application.


Coastal Home Awaits: Enjoy a comfortable, pre-selected apartment in a charming seaside town.


Language Bridge: Relax knowing a local interpreter assists you at all appointments.


Stress-Free Paperwork: Let us handle the entire application process, leaving you free to explore.


Beyond the paperwork, our White Glove Concierge Service offers:

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in Italian life with local events and cultural activities.

Prime Location: Benefit from a strategically chosen comune known for its friendly welcome.


Comfortable Living: Enjoy a modern, friendly apartment close to all amenities.


Local Charm: Explore a vibrant, walkable town where every corner holds a new discovery.


Cultural Enrichment: Dive into Sicilian history and beauty with complimentary day trips.


Gourmet Delights: Savor Italy's culinary scene through cooking classes, winery tours, and more.


Supportive Community: Connect with fellow applicants and build lasting friendships.


Business Opportunities: Network with local professionals to explore entrepreneurial ventures.


Expert Support: Trust your application to experienced professionals for a secure and efficient process.

With ICC, achieving Italian citizenship is more than just a formality – it's an unforgettable adventure.

✔ Comprehensive document review

✔ Guidance on corrections to documents to meet comune standards

✔ Selection of qualified, ready-to-apply comune

✔ Rental home located, contract prepared & registered on your behalf

✔ Step-by-step action plan in Italy

✔ Italian to English interpretation at appointments

✔ Preparation of all required application forms

✔ Codice Fiscale

✔ Declaration of presence

✔ Permesso di Soggiorno

✔ Residency application

✔ Police verification

✔ Citizenship application submission

✔ Recognition celebration

✔ Carta d’identita application

✔ Passport application

✔ Tessera Sanitaria Health Card

✔ AIRE or relocation in Italy

✔ Spousal residency permit application

✔ Client Portal: Real-time access to know where you are in the process

✔ Founder Support: Documents, process, planning & more.

✔ Comune Liaison Support: Manage, attend and interpret all appointments from Italian to English

✔ Community Coordinator Support: Helps you adjust to life in Italy, arranges events, day trips, etc.

✔ Airport pick-up

✔ Private driver (2 hour per week)

✔ Weekly day trips (optional participation)

✔ Italian tax specialist (Commercialista, 1 hour consultation)

✔ Sicilian Tour Designer & Guide (on request)

✔ Real Estate Purchase Guidance with Italy Property Consulting On Demand Course & Support

✔ Private Italian Language Lessons (4 Hours)

Ready to embark on your Italian journey?

Contact us today and let's make your dual citizenship a reality!

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