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Italian Citizenship Concierge Reviews

First off, I have a hard time wrapping my head around the value of the service you provide. Other firms charge as much or more to just be on speakerphone at various appointments. They don't ferry clients to and fro, meet face-to-face with clients and authorities, or plan and partake in excursions. I have a good idea of the work involved, having spent so much time preparing my paperwork and researching options, and the number of hours put in by ICC has to be enormous. The fact that you also deeply care about the success of your clients -- seemingly as much as the clients themselves -- is also truly amazing.


Many, many thanks to ICC and their team. We could not have achieved citizenship without them and my life is now changed in a beautiful way forever. I appreciate the interactions throughout the process and the friendships we forged that I hope will continue.


I've lived almost my entire life as a foreigner in various countries, so having legal status throughout Europe is tremendously valuable to me. It is not only a matter of opportunity but also of peace of mind that I will always have Italy as my second home thanks to connections I made with the help of ICC


You are an amazing team, and have made this a beautiful experience for me!

-Laura Rose

DIY didn’t work out for me. Even with all of my research I could not manage it on my own, I tried twice. I searched the net and found Italian Citizenship Concierge and within a few months I was in Italy at a home Jennifer set me up in, and her connections and resources helped everything happen. I am happy to say I am finally a recognized Italian citizen with an Italian passport thanks to ICC’s help. I am grateful that ICC was able to make it work! Thank you ICC!


Thank you to everyone for helping me along my journey, from the comune professionals who were friendly and patient with my low language skills, to the mayor who made me feel welcome, to my landlord who made my home feel welcome when I arrive and to Jennifer and the ICC team for creating a community so I felt accept and never lonely.


Thanks again so much! When my husband and I first looked into applying in Italy, we were looking for the “perfect” town but were worried about the hassle of getting my JS recognized. We were so happy with the town Jennifer chose for us. We are vegetarians and were able to enjoy the local cuisine, participate in community activities, make friends and support the local economy. We loved our time in the Sicilian mountains so much, we will be back soon for a visit.


Thank you! Getting my Italian citizenship is so EXCITING for me and my husband. We were shocked at how smooth everything went and grateful to all involved. We are speechless! And so very happy!!


I found and engaged in the services of Italian Citizenship Concierge. They placed me in a beautiful comune in mountainous Western Sicily where I was able to relax and immerse myself in the Sicilian lifestyle.


I couldn’t have done it without you! Thank you. It was so much fun working with you and getting to know everyone!


Bettina made the entire Italian jure sanguinis citizenship application process extremely straightforward & stress-free. She’s an expert on the documentation requirements & proactively handled the translation process. Finally, once all necessary documentation was assembled, I was mailed the paperwork in neatly organized folders. The official at the consulate was quite impressed; it seemed clear that they were not used to this high level of professionalism and attention to detail with regards to the application process. I can’t recommend her services enough.  Grazie mille!


Bettina is a brilliant, experienced consultant who knows exactly what is needed for accurate citizenship documentation. But she’s also caring and passionate and works hard to get Italian recognition for her clients. Her response time is lightening fast! She becomes an advocate and a friend. I am SO grateful that I had her help, and I honestly can’t recommend her enough. Don’t look anywhere else - she is perfect and she’s also extremely well-connected. Her English is also superb as is her language in German and Italian!


I can’t recommend Bettina enough for obtaining your dual citizenship! Professional and reasonably priced…worth every dollar!


Bettina went over and beyond to find the right path for my eligibility. She listened to me and immediately answered any questions/concerns. Once we determined I was a 1948 case, she created my file for the attorney in less than 6 months. I have the date set in Court and am waiting for the hearing’s day! Thank you Bettina, working with you has been a great joy and I can’t recommend her services enough!


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