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Determine If You Are Eligible For Italian

Citizenship Through Descent

First Check Out Our FAQ
Then Conduct The Test!

Jure Sanguinis, or Italian Citizenship through Descent, can initially prove overwhelming. You likely have a million questions floating through your head. Likely some doubts… maybe even some concerns. 

Rest easy – we’re experts at dual Italian citizenship and will help you set the record straight. First, start by sorting through our FAQ on the subject (not a generic list; people ask us these things all the time!)

After that, if you’re still in doubt, take our interactive quiz to help you determine eligibility. 

If you are indeed eligible – great! Here are the next steps.

If You Still Have To Prepare Documents

You can now contact us for a free, no-obligation 30-minute consultation with our document specialist Bettina Holm for 1948 cases, Jennifer Sontag if your documents are ready, or Maggie for qualification questions.


Take The Dual Italian Citizenship Eligibility Test

Still Have More Questions?
See Our Comprehensive

Jure Sanguinis FAQ

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