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Jure Sanguinis

Option 1) Italian Citizenship Concierge (Our Premier Service)

Our premier Jure Sanguinis package is a cost-effective way to have a flawless application process where all administrative responsibility is taken off your shoulders.

It’s a completely catered experience from start to finish – including ALL administrative tasks taken care of for you.

Your duties? Show up to appointments, and enjoy Italy.

You’ll be located in the best locations, which are the envy of all Italian-traveling tourists – nestled between the stunning cliffside coast and awe-inspiring mountains.

With ICC: Sea, you get it all:

  • Nearby beaches.

  • Drivers upon request.

  • A highly walkable town.

  • Complementary guided tours around Sicily.

  • Shops, Michelin-star dining, and all amenities nearby.

  • Placed in the BEST and most application-friendly comune.

  • Excellent rental rates at beautiful, recently renovated apartments.

  • Connections in town to begin your own entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • An immediate sense of community and belonging with other ICC members.

  • All while your Italian Citizenship application gets processed expediently and securely with the local municipalities who want you to be there.

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