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A Guide to Applying for Italian Citizenship with Children

Imagine your children effortlessly exploring the vibrant streets of Rome, savoring delicious gelato in Florence, and feeling deeply connected to their Italian roots in Sicily. This dream can become reality with Italian dual citizenship recognition! If you're a descendant of Italian immigrants and drawn to the rich culture and lifestyle, this guide empowers you to navigate the application process for your children, step-by-step. Packed with practical information, clear explanations, and valuable insights, we'll equip you with the knowledge and confidence to embark on this rewarding adventure. Are you ready to unlock a world of possibilities for your family's future? Let's begin!

Italian Baby  Jure Sanguinis Dual Citizenship

Gather Your Documents: 

Preparation is key. Begin by gathering the necessary documents for both yourself and your children. Birth certificates, marriage certificates (if applicable), death certificates and naturalization records along showing proof of your Italian lineage are crucial. Remember these need to be apostilled and translated into Italian.

Additionally, the Italian government requires an endorsement letter from the non-Italian parent to initiate the citizenship process for the underage child. This letter must be notarized, apostilled and translated as well. It’s advisable to secure 2-3 copies of this document, as they will be necessary for the citizenship application at the local municipality (comune), consulate or court depending on where you apply and later at the police headquarters (questura) when seeking the passport.

Charting Your Citizenship Course:

Once your paperwork is in order, it’s time to determine where you’ll apply. Understand the different paths to citizenship based on your lineage and whether you’ll apply through a consulate, court or comune in Italy. 

If you’re applying in Italy, securing a residency-eligible place to live and registering with local authorities are important first steps. Immersing your family in the language will also help make the transition smoother and more rewarding.

Remember, preparation is key and patience is your best friend. This process can take anywhere from a few months if applying in Italy to several years if applying at a consulate or the Italian court. 

Benefits of Dual Citizenship:

Dual citizenship offers incredible benefits for your children. Imagine them cherishing their Italian heritage, exploring Europe visa-free, and potentially enjoying access to esteemed EU universities ( significant cost savings compared to US colleges!). They’ll also have access to healthcare that’s not just a service, but a lifeline (no more fear of financial ruin due to unexpected medical events).

Embrace the Journey:

Obtaining Italian citizenship for your kids is a rewarding adventure filled with cultural immersion, lifelong memories, and exciting opportunities. This guide equips you with essential knowledge, but remember, each case is unique. For personalized advice, consult Italian authorities, immigration lawyers or our team at ICC.


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