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Our Apply in Italy Essentials Service Takes Care of Everything You Need to Have Your Citizenship Recognized in Italy.

Ditch the paperwork, skip the home hunt, leave the language barrier behind, and say goodbye to appointment stress! Instead, embrace our Essentials service.

Going through the Jure Sanguinis process in Italy can be overwhelming, but with our Essentials service, your journey becomes a smooth and enriching experience.


Here's how we simplify your path to Italian citizenship:

Ready-to-Go Comune: We connect you with a welcoming comune pre-approved for your application.


Sicilian Style Home Awaits: Enjoy a comfortable, pre-selected apartment in a charming Sicilian town.


Language Bridge: Relax knowing a local interpreter assists you at all appointments.


Stress-Free Paperwork: Let us handle the entire application process, leaving you free to explore.

At Italian Citizenship Concierge, we understand the allure of building a new life in Italy. Our Apply in Italy team, all American-born but now living the Italian dream, gets it. It's more than just a passport; it's about embracing your heritage, experiencing a vibrant culture, and crafting a fulfilling future in a captivating country. We're here to be your bridge to Italy, helping you turn this dream into reality!

Let's Set the Record Straight: Residency is Essential


Forget the misconception that a quick tourist visit translates to Italian citizenship. Residency is the foundation. You'll need to establish yourself in Italy and maintain residency throughout the application process, which typically takes between 4 and 12 months. Don't be fooled by shortcuts – fraudulent methods can lead to revoked citizenship, as seen in the recent case involving South American applicants.


Live La Dolce Vita: Residency with Flexibility


But here's the good news! Residency doesn't mean being chained to your comune. You can travel inside Italy & outside of the EU during your application. As long as you maintain your Italian residence, short vacations and visits back home won't be a problem.


A Seamless Transition: Your Gateway to Italian Life Begins Now


This is where the real advantage lies! If you're relocating for citizenship, you can enter Italy as a tourist and apply for a "Permesso di Soggiorno per attesa cittadinanza" (residence permit for waiting citizenship). This allows you to reside legally while your application is processed, giving you a head start on experiencing the Italian way of life.


Spouses Welcome: Building Your Italian Future Together


Another misconception cleared up! Spouses of Italian citizenship applicants can also secure a residence permit based on marriage. We've helped countless couples navigate this process – a valid marriage certificate is essential. Spouses are also welcome to travel the EU with you post recognition with allowances throughout the EU that do not require you maintaining residency.


Location Independence: Craft Your Ideal Italian Experience


Unlike applying through a consulate, you have the exciting opportunity to choose where you want to call home in Italy. Italian Citizenship Concierge has established strong relationships with welcoming comuni (municipalities) across Sicily, known for their efficiency and eagerness to help you embark on your Italian adventure.


These communi boast diverse landscapes, from breathtaking mountain ranges and charming countryside settings to vibrant seaside towns. With our local connections, you can choose the perfect location that aligns with your vision for your new Italian life.


Preparation is Key: Pre-Departure Support for a Flawless Start


The application process in Italy can be intricate, with variations between different comunes and even individual clerks. We'll ensure a smooth transition by helping you secure a registered lease agreement and guaranteeing all documents are meticulously completed before your arrival with our in-house team of document experts based in the US and Italy. 


Expert Guidance: Invest in Your Italian Journey

Let's face it, applying for citizenship in Italy can be daunting. Between the intricate procedures and potential language barriers, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Don't risk jeopardizing your dream by going it alone!

The Italian Citizenship Concierge team has been through the entire process in Italy themselves. They understand the ins and outs firsthand.  That's why they'll be by your side, guiding you through the complexities of Italian bureaucracy with ease. So you can focus on what truly matters – living la dolce vita!

Faster Results: Embrace the Italian Efficiency Advantage


Applying directly in Italy offers significant benefits! Wait times range from four to twelve months, a considerable reduction compared to consulate processing times.


At Italian Citizenship Concierge, we consider ourselves your partner in building your Italian future. Our dedicated citizenship team is here to guide you through the entire process, from the very beginning to recognition and beyond.


Streamlined Success: Let Us Handle the Details


First, we'll help you determine your eligibility and expertly prepare all your documents and translations. This ensures you're completely ready to hit the ground running when you arrive in Italy.


Seamless Transition: Your Support System in Italy


Once you're settled in Italy, we'll continue to be your support system. We can handle everything from application preparation and appointment scheduling to meticulously reviewing your documents. We'll even help you find accommodation and accompany you to appointments – we're here until you hold that coveted Italian passport, marking the exciting beginning of your Italian adventure!


Ready to Embark on Your Italian Adventure?


Contact Italian Citizenship Concierge today! Let's discuss how we can help you navigate this exciting chapter and turn your dream of becoming a citizen of Italy into reality.


With ICC Essentials we take care of the bureaucracy so you can enjoy your recognition process. Here's what is included:

✔ Comprehensive document review

✔ Guidance on corrections to documents to meet comune standards

✔ Selection of qualified, ready-to-apply comune

✔ Rental home located, contract prepared & registered on your behalf

✔ Step-by-step action plan in Italy

✔ Italian to English interpretation at appointments

✔ Preparation of all required application forms

✔ Codice Fiscale

✔ Declaration of presence

✔ Permesso di Soggiorno

✔ Residency application

✔ Police verification

✔ Citizenship application submission

✔ Recognition celebration

✔ Carta d’identita application

✔ Passport application

Ready to embark on your Italian journey?

Contact us today and let's make your dual citizenship a reality!

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