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A la Carte

You might have questions or face challenges if you go the DIY route. At Italian Citizenship Concierge, we understand the confusion and uncertainty of Italian bureaucracy. Our founder applied in Italy as a DIY'er and has helped many DIY applicants navigate the recognition process in Italy and consulates in the US.  With so much information available, it is hard to know what is right and what will cost you extra time and money you could have saved.

Our Services:

Analysis and Planning Session

We will review your family tree, provide preliminary research, determine if you qualify or need additional research, discuss your options where to apply, and offer a personalized list of documents and steps to prepare them for presentation at your chosen consulate or comune.  2: one-hour phone consultations are included.  

(will be credited towards Apply in Italy assistance)


Document Review & Consultation

Our document review session is a 60-minute call for applicants who have collected their documents and want to ensure they are correct and adequately prepared for presentation to the Italian consulate or comune. Before our call, you will upload your documents and submit any questions. During our call, we will provide you with an audit and recommendations to complete any challenges.

(will be credited towards Apply in Italy assistance)


Ongoing Support 

For the DIY'er, we offer ongoing support at any point in your process, whether you apply at a consulate or in Italy. Our goal is to provide expert advice using the same techniques we use with our full-service clients. We will answer your questions, provide guidance and make calls or requests on your behalf.

We recommend booking a session before arrival if you are applying in Italy. 

1 Hour Audio or Video Call: 195

6-Hour Package of Audio or Video Calls: 995€

Customized packages are available for applicants who apply in Italy. 

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