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Who Is Italian Citizenship Concierge?
We’re Your Go-To Jure Sanguinis Experts
With Over Ten Years Of Combined

Dual Italian Citizenship Expertise

But first… what exactly is a “service provider” when it comes to Italian citizenship through descent? 

To sum up a long answer: it’s a business or individual who assists you in any or all of the complicated elements involved with getting Italian citizenship through Jure Sanguinis

Basically, a Jure Sanguinis service provider is someone who you can trust with unwavering certainty. Because, after all, this is serious legal stuff we’re talking about here.

But those are just words… and many service providers will tell you they’re all that, but few will actually show it. 

Sure, they might throw a review or two your way, saying “Look, people trust us!” But how recent are the reviews and how many are there?

With ICC, we have a growing list of up-to-date success stories and a strong set of core values that we live by. And that’s just for starters. So… you can trust us.

Who exactly is “us,” then…?

Jennifer Sontag & Bettina Holm – Founding

Partners Of Italian Citizenship Concierge

For the past two years, we have been working in concert to create seamless Italian citizenship success for applicants. From Bettina helping individuals begin or continue their jure sanguinis document collection[relevant page] to handing them off to Jennifer in Italy for a successful application process[relevant page]… things just seemed to perfectly fall into place.

What’s more, Bettina is a native Italian citizen now based in the USA, and Jennifer is a native US citizen, now based in Sicily, Italy! We realized how this gave us a unique perspective many service providers can’t match. 

This unique perspective of the culture and bureaucracy of both Italy and the United States naturally helped our clients navigate this often stressful process – with ease and reassurance. 

So, as of 2024, we did the obvious – we formalized our partnership into a single entity!

Welcome to Italian Citizenship Concierge with Jennifer Sontag and Bettina Holm!

Hi! I’m Jennifer Sontag, A Once ‘Just American’

But Now  Dual Italian Citizen & Co-Founder

Of Italian Citizenship Concierge

I’ve always been a businesswoman at heart… but more importantly, I’ve always been interested in the business of helping people. 


At 18 years old (and much to my parents’ skepticism), I launched my first successful venture with a good ol’ brick-and-mortar store specializing in maternity wear (oh, how I miss the 90s).


Long success story short, it was a hit as I provided exactly what to-be moms were looking for while giving a level of service and compassion that others in the market weren’t offering. 


I soon grew that business to gross over 2 million per year, and thus, the life of a successful female entrepreneur was born.


After working in the tech industry, my urge to help others through a business wouldn’t go away! I eventually ended up teaching business internationally… but I still desired to do more. 

And that’s when my idea for ICC was born.

Fast forward a year, and after helping some fellow applicants who were posting on socila media about their struggles to be recognized get their Italian citizenships successfully at no cost, a now highly acclaimed, female-led Jure Sanguinis business was launched. 

And the most exciting part?


I get to do it with other exceptionally talented and wonderful people – like my now OFFICIAL ICC co-founder, Bettina Holm!

Together, we’re paving the way for the future for Jure Sanguinis as a female-led service provider bringing fresh air.

Jennifer and Bettina_edited.jpg

Ciao! I’m Bettina Holm, A Native Italian From Bologna,
Jure Sanguinis Document Expert & Now Co-Founder
Of Italian Citizenship Concierge

I originally hail from Bologna, Italy, where I was born and raised. Despite my deep connection and love for my home country of Italy, I moved to the United States in 2008 for my husband’s job. 


By 2015, we had become American citizens… but I knew I had to keep my Italian roots alive. This led me down the wild world of dual Italian-American citizenship (but from the reverse perspective)! So, with my process of becoming an American, I experienced the complexities (and downright frustrating highs and lows) of dual US-Italian citizenship first-hand!


This inspired me to assist Americans with Italian ancestry navigate the challenging Italian citizenship by descent process because I knew how it felt to strive for my own dual citizenship dreams. So, in 2015, I started working for a Jure Sanguinis service provider, collecting Jure Sanguinis documents. 


After soon realizing how talented and dedicated I was at genealogy and document collection by successfully helping hundreds of clients, I took a major leap of faith and branched out on my own.


Whether reclaiming Italian citizenship or ensuring clients’ children become dual citizens, I was good at making it happen.


So now, after eight years of mastering the Jure Sanguinis document requirements, it’s time to once again level up my expertise with Jennifer Sontag, the multi-talented, empowering businesswoman who perfectly complements what I do with documents. 

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