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Full Service

Research and Document Preparation


Full-Service Document Assistance (beginning to end) in preparing the applicant's file will be handled directly and exclusively by Bettina Holm, an expert in Italian jure sanguinis. Your package will be prepared to the standards of the consulate or comune where you will apply. 


  • Genealogy research;

  • Preparation of the applicant's file, which will be handled directly and exclusively by an Italian expert in dual citizenship;

  • Retrieval of all the records (in Italy and the U.S) needed to apply for Italian citizenship;

  • Legalization process of any US records (Apostille)

  • Professional English to Italian translations of all the records as required by the law;

  • Preparation of all the forms needed to be filed by each applicant together with his/her records (a minimum of 3 forms for each applicant is needed and in some cases, even more because several generations are involved);

  • Passport request;

  • Registration with AIRE

With our full-service package, you will enjoy a turnkey service in which we handle all of the required steps in acquiring the necessary documentation – with the deliverable being the Citizenship Portfolio, as you need to present it to the consulate or comune. With the possible exception of occasional forwarding of mail, signatures, and/or IDs, all you are required to do is authorize us to work on your behalf and attend your appointment(s) at the consulate or comune. 


Our full-service package fee is typically 1,900-4,900€; we bill based on an hourly rate, depending on the specific case, as each Jure Sanguinis Citizenship Application is unique to that particular applicant. 

This package does not include the fees paid to acquire:

  • Italian records

  • US documents

  • Apostille



Applying in Italy

Applying in Italy can significantly shorten the time it takes to become a recognized Italian citizen. Once you arrive in Italy, you could be a recognized Italian citizen in months! 

The Apply in Italy assistance package includes the following: 

  • Comune selection

  • Housing selection, negotiation, and registration of a residency-ready lease.

  • Personalized service with unlimited consultations with our founders.

  • A plan of action so you aren’t left wondering what the next steps are. ​​

  • Review your documents and assist with corrections. We can help with any name or document discrepancies. ​

  • Preparation of all the application forms required by the comune.

  • Preparation of all forms to obtain residency, permesso di soggiorno and codice fiscale.

  • Preparation for what to expect when applying for recognition in Italy.

  • Progress reports on your application status.

  • We accompany you and translate all appointments for residency and citizenship.​

Does not include document assistance: 6500€, 750€ for each additional person.

 This fee does not include the following: 

  • Monthly rent and utilities (in-network private housing range 600 -900€/month)

  • Government fees for documents

  • applications

  • permits

  • travel

  • postage 

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