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Apply in Sicily

When you apply for recognition with the Italian Citizenship Concierge you immediately become part of our big Sicilian family. 


We can’t wait to share our love for this beautiful culture with you. We introduce you along with other applicants to locals with cultural events, dinners, tours, picnics, holiday festivities and language learning opportunities. 


As part of our family you become part of the community, living like a local, making the transition to your life in Sicily easier and more enjoyable.


We are the only citizenship company that helps you integrate culturally along with living arrangements and appointment translations as part of our services. 


Our goal is to shorten the learning curve of living in Sicily, while making the citizenship process as effortless and as quick as possible. Citizenship recognition using our services takes on average 4 months when you apply in Italy. 


Whether you just found out about the possibility of becoming an Italian Citizen or you have been dreaming about it for years, we are here to help your Italian dreams come true! 


Several options are available to you when considering your application for Italian Citizenship recognition. Our experienced team is ready to assist and advise you on the path that is most suited for your needs. 

Apply in Sicily: 

By applying in Sicily you can significantly shorten the duration of time it takes to become a recognized Italian citizen. Once you arrive in Sicily you could be a recognized Italian citizen in as little as 4 months! Call us for your case review!


Personalized service with unlimited consultations with our founders.


A plan of action, so you aren’t left wondering what the next steps are. 


Bi-Weekly progress reports.


Document research and acquisition in your home country and Italy.  


Ensure that requests are made for the correct formats of documents needed for the comune.


Review of your documents(to determine if there is a need for amendments) and assistance with corrections.


We provide assistance with any name or document discrepancies. 


Acquire apostilles from your home country.


Certified translations for all your documents.


Preparation of all the application forms required by the comune.


Preparation of all forms to obtain residency, permesso di soggiorno and codice fiscale.


Preparation for what to expect when you present your documents to the comune and all related citizenship appointments in Sicily.


We accompany you and translate all appointments for residency and citizenship.

Appointments include: residency application, permesso di soggiorno(2 appointments minimum), presentation of documents, recognition signing, carta d’identità(Italian ID), passport and tessera sanitaria(health card).


Locate a suitable home for your time in Sicily with the correct type of rental contract needed. 


We will be present to make sure you understand your rental contract. 


Final package review of your application materials before submitting them at your comune in Sicily.  


NOT INCLUDED are government fees for documents, applications, permits, travel or postage. Any additional exclusions will be outlined in your custom proposal. 


With document assistance. Call for free consultation to customize a package for your needs. 


Without document assistance. 5500 €, 1000 € for each additional person.


Next Steps:


Schedule free 30 minute consultation.


Accept your customized strategy.


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