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DI (A) Y

DI(A)Y Documents


Whether you apply at a consulate or in Italy, we will coach you through acquiring all the necessary documents and preparing them properly for submission to the consulate or comune, including potential document amendments to clarify inconsistencies.


The package includes the following:


  • Coaching (beginning to end) in the process of preparing the applicant's file, directed by an expert in Italian jure sanguinis:

    • Genealogy research

    • Retrieval of all the records in the U.S. and anywhere in the world needed to apply for Italian citizenship

    •  Legalization process of any US records (Apostille)

    •  Preparation of all the forms needed to be filed by each applicant together with his/her records (a minimum of 3 forms for each applicant is needed and, in some cases, even more because several generations are involved)

    •  Passport request

    •  Registration with AIRE


In other words, rather than a full-service package of our firm researching, acquiring, and preparing all the necessary records in the US, we will coach you through the process by providing thorough instructions virtually through video calls and emails.


This package is intended for people who have the time to handle all the required steps in acquiring and preparing all the necessary US records (under our guidance) and consequently wish to be more involved in the process.


This package is less expensive than our "Full Service Package."


The DI(A) Y Documents Package fee is usually 600 - 1,000€, depending on the specific case, as each Jure Sanguinis Citizenship Application is unique to that particular applicant.


This package does not include the fees paid to acquire:

  • Italian records

  • US documents

  • Apostille

  • Professional English to Italian translation of all the records as the law requires.




DI(A)Y in Italy Package: 


We also offer an exclusive package for DIY’ers who need help navigating Italian bureaucracy; we will guide you through each step so you can take control of your application in Italy on your timeline and budget, using our methods and connections to assist our full-service applicants successfully. 


  • We will provide you with a comune name and connection ready, willing, and able to accept your application for recognition. 

  • Introduction to a landlord who offers residency available housing in the comune.

  • Guidance through each step of applying in Italy: on-demand videos, phone, email, and video support. 

  • A plan of action so you aren’t left wondering what the next steps are. ​​

  • Review your documents and assist with corrections. We can help with name or document discrepancies that can be resolved with an OATS. ​

  • Guidance to complete application forms required by the comune.

  • Step-by-step instructions to obtain residency, permesso di soggiorno, and codice fiscale.

  • Preparation for what to expect when applying for recognition in Italy.

  • Support throughout your time in Italy to ensure you avoid challenges and help when encountering difficulties. 


DI(A)Y Italy includes unlimited email and phone support: 2500 -3500€

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